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More Serious Update!
More Serious Update!
*Sigh* I am always hurting myself one way or another.
First time I broke bones but FUCK it hurts and I have to wear this huge foot thing that as heavy as like five bricks together! Its a Bitch to move around. I mostly can't do it on my own. and worst of all. I cant sleep! It hurts more when I move it and I move in my sleep put that together and you get the idea.
Another thing my computer has problems so Everything is on hold. (Sorry)
I will write with and on other sites. So if you want more go here Accounts
Wish me well. Love you all
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Serious! UPDATE!
PEOPLE I KNOW you want me to update I do to but my computer died. I am Really hoping I will get my stuff back and will update many of my stories
I'm SO SORRY its taking so long but it you Love me and my stories They will come back (I hope)
I am using my (thankfully) New laptop. I MAY post something. DON'T Expect ANYTHING!
I think that's all...
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Its Our Turn 3
It’s Our Turn
Jack lets out a breath, glad to be in control again. He looks down at Marks unconscious body and gasps. He drops to his knees and crawls to his side.
“Mark?” he whispers
Nothing. Marks body stays laying there and twitching badly.
Jack looks at the device in his hand, he scowls then turns it off and throws it aside.
“Mark” Jack tries again reaching for his shoulder
When he touches it, he is zapped and immediately draws back. He tries touching Marks check, it’s not as bad but he still gets zapped.
‘How am I supposed to help him if I can’t touch him?’
Jack sits on the ground watching Mark and hoping he is ok. He knows he isn’t completely fine. He just wants Mark to wake up.
“This is all my fault. If I just had the balls to tell Mark how I felt, this never would have happened”
He bows his head and can feel tears running down his cheeks.
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Mr. Anonymous Jack
Mr. Anonymous
The teacher claps his hands, gaining the High-Schoolers attention.
“I will be stepping out for a bit” immediately there is chatting among the students and the man sighs “Just don’t make too much of a ruckus” he says before leaving the room
The group known as Team Edge get up from their desks. Matthias goes to the front of the room.
“Alright everyone, we’re going to give out the valentine gifts. So, just wait and we will come to you”
Everyone waits excitedly as they go around the class handing out the gifts. There is someone who isn’t excited. Sean but he prefers Jack. He watches as everyone gets one. Matthias comes to the back of the room putting a small pile on Felix’s desk, who is sitting beside Jack. However, Matthias places one on Jacks desk. He stares at it then looks up at Matthias.
“What is this?” he asks, confused
“Someone likes you Jack
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Its Our Turn 2
It’s Our Turn
After a few minutes of silence Mark speaks in a low voice.
“I did”
Anti stares at him confused.
“I knew” he repeants, voice still low
Mark slowly moves to get up. Anti sees this and turns the level up then presses the button. Mark is on his hand and knees, head down and body twitching badly.
“I knew” he says raising his voice
Mark moves again. Anti turns it up and presses the button. Mark is now on his side, body twitching horribly.
“All along” Mark mumbles as best he can
Anti growls
‘He’s still awake’
In his head, Jack is sitting on the ground, his back to a double window. He can only hear what’s happening.
“I’m sorry!” Mark yells before Anti presses the button
Mark cries out in pain and he struggles to breathe. He opens an eye to look at Anti. Anti huffs and presses the button.
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It's Our Turn 1
It’s Our Turn
Blue eyes open to the sound of birds chirping happily outside.
‘Fucking birds’
Jack sits up rubbing his eyes.
‘Another day of emotional torture’ He thinks gloomily
Getting out of bed is surprisingly easy. Jack trudges out of his room and slips into the bathroom to use the toilet and wash his face. He pokes his head out and listens to the humming coming from the kitchen. He pushes the sides of his mouth up in a smile and exits the room to go toward the joyful sound.
Mark looks up from his seat at the island. He has a bowl of Cheerios in front of him and his cheeks are puffed out, no doubt filled with cereal. The spoon is still in his mouth and a drop of milk is close to dripping on his black pink moustache boxers or bare chest. The image is completely Adorable. Jack puts a hand on his face to cover his blush.
“Mark, how many times have I told you to put a shirt on in the morning?” Ja
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Switched 5
Upon arriving home Mark makes a beeline for their shared room and flops down on the bed. He can’t stop his body from shaking and more tears spill from his eyes. All he can think about is how close he was to death.
Mark is laying on the basement floor the tape around him keeping him immobile and from screaming for help. He sighs though his nose. The sound of footsteps make him tense. Anti comes into view a wicked grin spread across his face.
“Guess what Markimoo~” he sings “I get to kill you~”
Marks eyes widen and he struggles. Anti bends down to him and holds up the knife in his hand.
“Don’t bother struggling, I made sure the tape is strong and sturdy”
Mark whimpers behind the tape as the flat of the knife is pressed against his cheek.
“I will make this as slow and painful as possible” Ant
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Catch Him!
Catch Him!
Blue eyes look up as a file is dropped on his desk.
“What’s this?” the Irishman asks
“Your new case” the greying Japanese man says
Jack picks it up and looks it over. There is a picture of a man with chocolate brown eyes and black hair with the top being a bright red. The image is a bit blurry and the only name there is Mark. Jack looks though the list of crimes and he has a long list of almost everything you can think of.
“Please take the case” the chief begs
“Ok, but why me I am still new?” Jack asks
“No one wants to take the case, and you’re the only one who I believe can catch him”
“Why doesn’t anyone want it? If he is so bad, they should be jumping at the chance”
“Because he is a show off and Very Infuriating!”
It’s obvious the Asian man is trying not to blow a socket.
“Alright I’ll take it” Jack says
“Thank you, you won’t regret this
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Switched 4
‘What is he doing?!’ Mark and Sean think
They watch the two, before Sean grabs the knife and carefully cuts Mark free. He throws it all away with the other tape and helps Mark up.
Mark leans on Sean as they walk to the stairs, up and out of the basement. By now Mark is walking on his own and, holding hands the two quickly leave the house.
They don’t get very far since Marks legs give out and he falls to his knees, his whole body shaking like a leaf. Sean is instantly at his side and sees the tears pouring down his face. And his chest trembles with every shaky breath he takes.
“Mark?” Sean asks, putting a hand on his shoulder
“I almost died” Mark whispers, sounding like a scared child
“It’s ok Mark, I’m here” Sean whispers pulling Mark into a tight hug
Mark clings to him and sobs into his shoulder. After a bit, he calms down and pulls away but doesn’t break the hug.
“Sorry you had to see me like that&
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Mature content
Switched 3 :iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 16 9
Mature content
Not a Tattoo :iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 32 33
Bath Time~
Bath Time~
Mark sighs and he sinks down in the hot water of the bubble filled bath.  The stress he had once felt draining from him.  steam drifts around the room and fogs up the mirror.
Mark is fighting drowsiness when a timid knock on the door makes his eyes snap open. Who could that be? There is only one other person in the house and he is taking a nap. The voice that comes through the door clears his confusion.
“Can I come in?” Sean asks
Mark takes a moment to think. Why would Sean want to come in? He is naked in the bath his clothes resting on the toilet.
“Yes?” Mark says, making it sound like a question
There is click and the white door creaks open. Mark dips further into the bath, the only thing visible is his head and the tips of his feet. Sean slips into the room and closes the door behind him. he waves away the steam to get a good look at Mark.
“May I join you?” Sean asks
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Awesome News!
Awesome News!
I got my Hetalia Season Six DVD today and watched it~
The Davie ep still made me cry
They should have given chibi America a different VA same with chibi Canada
Englands new VA is quite obvious
Denmark is still annoying
I think Nor got a new VA too... mot sure he doesn't talk much
I LOVE the Micro nations They are Cute and Hilarious~
The Halloween ep is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
I grabbed a bunch of screenshots
If you still want the embarrassing photos from last seasons April Fools ep then let me know
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Switched 2
Sean shuffled further into the closed, trying to hide himself.
‘How long have I been running from him?’
He reaches for his phone then remembers it’s in the Livingroom. He makes an annoyed grunt.
‘Mark is somewhere possibly in trouble and I’m here running from his dark side’
He leans back his eye lids fluttering.
‘I should go look for him…’
He closes his eyes and soon falls asleep. Dark follows the sound of light snoring to the closet. He quietly opens it and finds Sean at the back, sleeping. He stares for a few minutes and the Irishman doesn’t wake.
‘I see why Mark loves him. he is just too cute’
He sighs quietly and reaches in the closet to wrap his arms around Sean and carries him to the shared bedroom. After putting him to bed he leaves the room and face palms.
‘I did NOT just do that’
Shoving his hands in his pocke
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Mint Frosting
Name: Mint Frosting
Nickname: Mint, Minty
Age: CMC
Gender: Colt
Species: Unicorn
Birth Date: November 12
Occupation: Caterer
Talent: making cakes and other treats
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: None. Likes Midnight Song
Personality: usually calm but can get excited easily. Perfectionist.
Residence: With Pinkie Pie
Birthplace: N/A
Habits/Quirks: Everything must be perfect. Blue must be there. He will have a panic attack if he doesn’t see it.
Likes: Catering and making ponies smile and laugh. The color blue
Dislikes: Red, ponies calling him silly or cute.
Cutiemark: None
Cutiemark Story: None
Other: Was abandoned on Pinkie Pie’s doorstep when he was four moons old. She adopted him and she taught him about parties and how to make ponies happy. He immediately took a liking to baking. In school his class mated called him silly for making jokes all the time. No pony is sure why but he must always se
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Black Butler Shirt by kittykatrocks12 Black Butler Shirt :iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 8 10



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