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February 6
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Hetalia X Neko Reader

Take Me Home

A man is walking around a pet sore. He is doing an inventory check and making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. He looks up when the bell above the door rings. A group of men walk through the door. Soon after they slip up to look around the store. The man is about to return to the counter when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to see a tall blond hair blue eyed man.

“How may I help you” the man asks

“Do jou have any pets for adoption” the blond asks

The man smiles and nods. He leads the man to the animal cages. He takes note that all the others follow as well. The men look around at the many different kinds of animals. They are all divided by breed. The man walks to the mid-section and pulls a set of key from his pocket. He takes one of the keys and unlocks one of the cages. He puts the keys back in his pocket and carefully reaches inside. He slowly pulls out a (fur/color) cat. The man walks over to the men gently petting the cat.

“This is (Name)” he says “She is the only cat we have”

The men frown and the man continues.

“Now a day’s people want kittens so this poor girl has been here for a long time with no one to lover her but me”

(Name) meows sadly and turns her gaze to the men.

“We’ll take her” shouts one of the men. He has light auburn hair and a curl going to the left of his head.

“VHAT! NEIN! I don’t vant a cat” shouts the blond

“But she’s so cute” the brunette say reaching forward and petting (Name)

“Come on Vest, you have to admit she is cute” says a silver white haired red eyes man

The blond grumbles a few German words the turns to the others with them

“Kiku Lovino, vhat do jout two zink” he asks

A short black hair and dull brown eyed man nods.

“Hai, I think we should take her”

The other a man with dark auburn hair a curl going to the right and olive green eyes grumbles in Italian. He doesn’t says anything, he just nods his head.
The blond turns back to the man and says.

“Alright, ve’ll tale her”

The man smiles and nods.

“Follow me please”

He leads them back to the counter. The man stand on now side the men on the other. He puts (Name) on the counter, she just lays there while he bends down behind the counter. There is a shuffling sound and the man comes back up with a couple sheets of paper.

“Just sign these and she is all yours” he says putting the papers on the counter.

The blond looks at them then grabs the pens the man held out. He quickly signs the papers. He notices at the bottom of the last page there is a section for the owner(s) to sign their names. The blond thinking this is normal signs his name.

Ludwig Beilschmidt

He turns to the others and holds out the pen.

“Jou have to sign jour names”

The light auburn haired man grabs the pen and quickly signs his name.

Feliciano Vargas

The darker auburn haired man snatches the pen from his brother and signs his name.

Lovino Vargas

The black haired man carefully takes the pen from the grumpy Italian and signs his name.

Kiku Honda.

The albino grabs the pen and with a big grin signs his name.

Gilbert Beilschmidt.

Ludwig slides the papers over to the man. He looks them over then nods.

“Ok she is all yours”

Feliciano smiles and scoops (Name) into his arms.

“Would you like to buy a pet carrier” the man asks

“Ja, bitte” Ludwig replies

The man leads them to the aisle with the pet carriers. There are a lot of them in various sizes and colors. Feliciano immediately grabs a bright pink one and holds it in on hand (Name) in his other.

“We should get this one” he exclaims happily

“Nein ve are not getting pink” Gilbert shouts. He grabs a black and white striped one “Ve should get this”

Lovino scowls and takes the carrier from Gilbert and holsd up a yellow one with red spots on it.

“We are getting this one” he declares

“I think we should get this one” Kiku says holding up a bright floral patterned one

Ludwig picks up a plain cream colored one.

“I zink ve should get this one” he says

At this point the five of them are arguing about which one they should get. (Name) is squirming in Feliciano’s loosening grip and eventually let’s go. She falls to the ground with a yowl. Thankfully she lands on her feet. The men look at her as she scurries away and crawls into a basket with a simple (favorite/color) blanket. Feliciano beds down and pick up the basket.

“Ve, bella I’m sorry” he says lifting the blanket

(Name) looks at him with big (eyes/color). She mows as if saying she forgives him. Feliciano holds the basket and looks at Ludwig.

“Can we get this one” he asks with hopeful eyes

A small smile appears on Ludwig’s face. He looks at the man who nods.

“Take it, it’s free” he says

Suddenly a shocked expression comes to the man’s face.

“I almost forgot you need a collar”

He scurries away and comes back with a plain leather collar with a small plaques with (Names) name engraved on it.

“Sorry it looks old I had it made for a family who adopted her for their kid’s birthday but the brought her back when the kids said they didn’t want her

The man looks saddened “Normally I don’t allow returns but I was afraid of what would happen to her if I didn’t take her back”

He looks up and smiles “But now she has a family that will take care of her and give her the love she deserves”

Kiku takes the collar and puts it on (Name). She purrs in content and he can’t help but smile.

“Is zat everyzing” Gilbert asks

“I believe so” the man says “But if you need anything don’t be afraid to come back”

The men nod and leave the store with their new pet. As they walk out a solemn expression comes to the man’s face.

“Soon those men will realize they got more than they bargained for”

Sorry I haven't submitted in a while but anywho this is the first submission from my new computer. There are probably a lot of spelling mistakes but whatever.

I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with this

 Part 2:…


Hetalia NOT mine

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