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March 23
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Hetalia X Neko Reader

Send Away

Gilbert stands in the kitchen calling a friend of his for a favor. Well they’re not exactly friends more like quittances. The others are in the living room leaching (Name) English. It isn’t any of their first languages but thankfully for them she already knows a lot and is a fast learner.

“Danke for helping me learn English” (Name) thanks with a smile

Much to their pleasure she is learning their native languages as well. After a couple hours Gilbert walks into the living room with a frown.

“Well, vhat did she say” Ludwig asks

“She said yes and she is bringing her friends” Gilbert replies

“Who’s coming over” (Name) asks curiously

Gilbert thought for a minute before answering.

“A somevhat friend of mine is coming over to help us figure out how ve’re going to take care of jou”

(Name) nodded and returns to reading one of the books Ludwig gave her. After a few hours (Name) had learned a lot more and is practically an expert in Japanese, German, Italian and English. The doorbell rings and (Name) attempt to crawl under the couch like she usually did but just ended up with her face in the carpet. Ludwig and Feliciano help the unhappy (Name) off the floor while Gilbert answers the door. Gilbert opens the door to see four women.

“Hello Gilbert” the woman in front says her voice showing a bit of anger

“Hallo Elizaveta” Gilbert says in a calm monotone voice

Elizaveta is a woman with long brown hair and bright green eyes. She is wearing a green long sleeve dress with a white apron. Gilbert steps aside and the four enter. He leads them to the living room the four gasp at the girl standing in between Ludwig and Feliciano.

“Gilbert, I need an explanation why an innocent girl is in this house with five smelly men” Elizaveta asks looking as if she wanted to kill him

“Vell it’s kind of hard to explain” Gilbert says stepping away from her

(Name) looks up at the sound of new voices. It is now they noticed the ears and tail.

“Gilbert are these your somewhat friends” (Name) asks

Gilbert opens his mouth to answer but Elizaveta pushes him aside.

“Poor girl I hope these men didn’t do anything to hurt you” she says stepping forward and pulling (Name) into a hug

“Why would they hurt me they’re my owners” (Name) says confused

Elizaveta glares at Gilbert.

“It’s not vhat jout zink, she used to be a cat” Gilbert says praying in his head that she won’t kill him

Eliveta’s glare hardens but she perks up when she feels (Name) snuggling into her.

“Your warm and very affectionate” she hugs her back “I like you”

Elizaveta smiles and blushes.

“You think so”

“Si, I do”

“You know Italian?”

“Ja, and German and Japanese and English” (Name) says proudly

“Well I have to teach you Hungarian” Elizaveta say tapping (Name) on the nose making her giggle

“My name is Elizaveta Héderváry by the way”

“Elizaveta, that’s a pretty name”

Elizaveta blushes again making Gilbert snicker. She glares at him.

“Well why don’t you meet my friends” she says gesturing to the three behind her

This is Lili Zwingli she says pointing to a short girl with short blond hair and light green eyes. Lili is wearing a maroon dress with white hem, cuffs and collar, there is also a purple ribbon tied in her hair on the right side

“Hello” Lili says in a quiet voice smiling shyly

(Name) steps away from Elizaveta and hugs Lili. Lili is shocked but hugs back.

“Next to her is Natalia Arlovskaya” she says pointing to a woman with long blond hair and dark blue eyes. Natalia is wearing a dark blue dress with a frilly white hem and a white apron tied around her waist and a white bow atop of her head.

Natalia glares at (Name) but she seems unaffected. (Name) steps forward and hugs her.

“Get off me” Natalia shouts trying to push her off
“There is someone you love very much, so much you will do anything for them” (Name) whispers so only she can hear

Natalia huffs and reluctantly hugs back.

“The last is Yekaterina Braginska” she says pointing to a woman with short platinum blond hair and light blue eyes. She has larger breasts and is wearing blue overalls with a white long sleeve shirt underneath.

“You can call her Katyusha” Elizaveta says smiling

(Name) goes to hug her but Yekaterina being taller than her, her face going into her breasts.

“Oh you’re so cute” Yekaterina squeals hugging (Name) tightly and shaking her back and forth

Everyone begins to panic when (Names) body goes limp.

“Katyusha, I think you’re suffocating her” Elizaveta says with wide eyes

Yekaterina stop and looks down at (Name). Her eyes widen in horror and she releases her. (Name) stumbles back gasping for breath.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to” Yekaterina say tears forming in her eyes

To their surprise (Name) starts laughing. They wait until she calms down and smiles.

“It’s alright, it just shows how affectionate you are” (Name) says reassuring Yekaterina

Yekaterina smiles and they all sigh with relief.

“Alright now it time to tell jou vhy ve called jou here” Gilbert says clapping his hands to get everyone’s attention “Vest”

Ludwig nods and walks over to (Name) she looks at him confused.

“(Name), ve talked and decided jou vill go live vith the girls until jou learn how to take care of jourself”

It takes s minute for the words to sink in. (Names) ears and tail drop and her eyes grow big and filled with sadness.

“Y-You’re sending me away” (Name) asks with a shaky voice

“Don’t vorry, it’s only for a vhile zen jou can come back” Ludwig says trying to comfort her

(Name) bows her head.

“Ok, if that’s what you want then I will go” she say before turning and walking away

The four women follow silently. When they are gone the men just sit in silence until Lovino speaks.

“If this is for her own good why do I feel like an asshole?”

The others sigh, not knowing how to respond.

I never thought I would get this far that that this series would be so popular Thank You All So Much

PS I still need a new preview image

Part 9:…

Part 11:…

Hetalia NOT mine
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DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Student Artist
Thanks Lovi. You took the words right out of my thoughts. -_-
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i wish i was a fox girl becuse i like foxes and i like neko :3
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I actually have an idea for a story where the reader is a fox girl
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I'm working on it now
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LemonLime36 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  New member
Lovino asks why he feels like an asshole. Wow. And he's never asked himself this when cussing at people? Wow, Lovi, just. Wow. Lolz, anyway this is an awesome x reader~ X3
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank You. He asks because he cares
LemonLime36 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member
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