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Hetalia X Neko Reader


It is the first day without (Name) and the five can already feel the effects. Ludwig didn’t wake up to (Name) on his chest yet it somehow felt very heavy. He turned to Feliciano to see his face scrunched in his sleep and glistening as if he had been crying. Ludwig sighs and gets up to take his shower. As he is walking across the room he spots (Names) basket. He has a mental debate as to whether they should keep it even though they won’t need it. He decides he will ask the other what they think. As he is in the shower he take his mind off (Name) bother her cat and human form.

When she was a cat she would follow him around the house when it was his turn to clean. She would sit on his shoulder as he vacuumed as to not be in the way. He would sometimes giver a sausage while he made breakfast and she would eat in happily. As a human he enjoyed at how eager she was to learn. He had never met anyone like that before. He also like at how quickly she learned and adapted to her new environment. She seemed to like reading as much as he did. He sighed once more and got out to get ready for work.

Feliciano heard Ludwig’s sighs but remained silent. Last night when he went to his room he cried thinking about what his brother said and if it really was a good idea to send her away. When he finished crying he did his usual thing and went to sleep n Ludwig’s bed. That night he dreamt of (Name) and how she loved to eat his cooking. She helped sometimes when he made something new, he would ask for her opinion and she was always right. This thought brought on more tears and h buried his face in the pillow.

Kiku kept to himself like usual but more silent. He missed (Name) and how she would watch anime with him. He would read manga o her and she got excited like him when a new episode came out or a new season of a show they liked was released. They would either watch it in the living room or she would sit on his desk while they watched it on his computer. Kiku glanced at some of the sketched he made of her then shook his head and returned to reading the manga in his hands.

Lovino grumbled as he sat at the dining table eating his tomato. He is grumpier than usual. He thought about what he said yesterday and it still bothered him. How could he be so inconsiderate? His mind drifted to (Name). She would always come to him no matter how much he pushed her away. She enjoyed tomatoes as much as he did and would often cut one up for her while he ate his own. When he made diner she didn’t criticize she actually seemed to like his cooking better than his brothers. When he got pissed off or upset and locked himself in his room she always managed to sneak in and comfort him. Lovino took a hard bite out of the tomato and the juice slide down his hand and mouth but he doesn’t care.

Gilbert is laying on his bed staring at the ceiling. His mind is running through the series of events from finding out (Name) was hit by a car and going to die to her turning into a human to them sending her away. He heard a tinkling and turned to see his pet Gilbert pecking one of the toys they got for (Name). It is the ball with holes and a bell inside. They got it after Hercules told them how much she loved playing with it. He remembered the first time (Name) bet Gilbird. She didn’t try to eat him like he thought instead the two played together. It was fun to watch.

Ludwig saw Feliciano laying on the bed. He had fallen asleep again after crying into his pillow. Ludwig thought it best to leave him. He went to check on his brother. He found him holding the bell ball, and rolling it around in his hands making it jingle. Ludwig let him be. He walked to the other side of the house and peeked into Kiku’s room to see him staring at his drawing board with a blank piece of paper of it. Ludwig left him and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. He found Lovino sitting at the dining table eating a tomato. The juice all over his chin arm and the table. Ludwig’s instincts told him to scold him for making a mess but he ignored it and went to the kitchen.

He wanted to go for something simples so he took out a box of pancake mix Gilbert got from his boyfriend Matthew. He also decided to make some bacon to go with it. He found a clean frying pan and out in on the stove then turned on the heat. Ludwig stared at the pan and an image of Elizaveta hitting Gilbert with her frying pan came to mind. He chuckled but stopped when he remembered that (Name) is with her now. He shook his head and went on to prepared the pancake mix and put the bacon in to microwave. Once he deemed the pan hot enough and he poured the batter onto the pan to make four small pancakes. Soon after the microwave dinged and he opened it to dry the liquid fat away from it then put it back in.

Not long after he opened the microwave Gilbert walked into the kitchen. Ludwig could hear tinkling which said that he had the ball in his pocket. Lovino stood up from the table and without being told he cleaned up the mess and his arm. He tossed out the remains of the tomato he had and washed his hands while Gilbert began to set the table. Ludwig had finished the first batch of pancakes and already put the second one in the pan by the time Kiku walked into the kitchen. He has pencil marks on his hands so when Lovino finished washing his hands he washed his own. When Ludwig was on the final batch of pancakes Feliciano stumbled into the kitchen. His face is red and puffy from crying and clutching his pillow. Gilbert took over management of the bacon and Lovino put the condiments on the table. Everyone sat at the table and the two German brothers brought the food out. They ate in silence. Sometimes they would glance at the place where (Names) food bowl would be. Lovino gripped his fork tightly his face getting red. He suddenly stood up causing his chair to fall to the floor.


They stare at him as he storms across the kitchen and snatches the phone from the receiver. He punches a number into the phone. He growls when he messes up and tries again. When he get it he puts the phone to his ear with a scowl on his face.

“YOU HAD BETTER HAVE A DAMN GOOD REASON FOR CALLING ME” a voice shouts through the phone

“Hi Elizaveta we’re coming over to visit don’t bother protesting were coming whether you like it or not” Lovino says into the phone

The other end is silent.

“Fine, I’ll tell (Name) you’re coming over” Elizaveta says before hanging up

Lovino puts the phone back and turns to turns to the others.

“We’re going to see her and hopefully it will make us feel less miserable”

They stare at him, mouths agape. Feliciano is the first to move. He smiles, stands up and walks to his brother.

“You’re the best fratello” he says hugging him then dashes way to go get dressed

Everyone else seems too surprised to move.

“What are you idioti waiting for we are going to see (Name)” he says looking annoyed
Gilbert blinks a few times before standing up. He walks over and hugs Lovino, much to his displeasure then leaves. Once Gilbert leaves Ludwig blinks and stands up.

“Danke Lovino” he says then turns to Kiku “Come on let’s get ready”

Kiku nods and the two leave. Lovino sighs.

‘Hopefully going to see her will ease this feeling I have in my chest’ he thinks before walking away to get ready himself

Soon after the five of them are in the car on their way to Elizaveta and her friends place. When they arrive Feliciano leaps out of the car a little before it stops. He frantically rings the doorbell as the others approach from behind. The door swings open to a stressed Elizaveta.

“What’s wrong” Feliciano asks

“(Name), she gone” Elizaveta pants

“VHAT!” Gilbert shouts “Vhere is she?”

“We don’t know, Katyusha went to her room to tell her you were coming but she was gone, we searched the entire house and we can’t find her we were just about to head out to look for her” Elizaveta explains

By now Feliciano is in tears. Once the information sunk in Ludwig takes charge.

“Alright, let’s split up to look for her, ve vill stay in contact zrough our phones if someone gets vord of her let the ozers know immediately” he orders, his accent getting thicker with every word

Everyone nods and sprang into action. Elizaveta went inside to inform the other girls. Ludwig got into the car with everyone behind and he drove into town. In the middle of town he stopped and let them out.

“Spread out and ask everyone if zey have seen her” he says they nod and split up

Ludwig remains in the car and drives around, his eyes everywhere looking for their precious (Name). It felt like hours as they all searched the entire town. Lovino was the first to get news about a girl with animal ears in the park. He called his brother and went to the park. He found her curled up by the lake. He slowly approached her knowing if he scared her she would unintentionally jump into the lake. As he got closer he could see her wearing a dark blue dress that he assumed belongs to Natalia.

“Why does no one love me?”

Lovino’s eyes widen when he hears this.

“Everyone always abandons me I don’t see what I do wrong I try to be good but it never works”

(Name) gently pet the back of a sleeping cat. She buries her face in its fur and lets out a sob.

“(Name)” Lovino says bending down close to her

(Name) tenses and turns to him. He sees her face is red as if she had been crying.

“Lovino*sniff*, why are you here” (Name) asks with a shaky voice

“I’m here because I was worried about you as is everyone else” Lovino says an expression of worry on his face


The two turn to see Feliciano and everyone else running toward them.

“See bella everyone is worried” Lovino says holding out his hand and giving her a small smile

(Name) slowly reaches out, takes his hand and he helps her to her feet. She holds the cat in her other arm.

“(Name), bella we were so worried about you” Feliciano breathes

“You were” (Name) asks confused

“Of course Vi vogliamo bene (we love you)” he answers smiling widely, everyone else nods in agreement

(Names) eyes water then she throws her head back as she let out loud sobs. The cat in her arms meows. (Name) makes a noise, put it down and it ran off. Feliciano walks over and hugs her. Pretty soon everyone is around her hugging her. After (Name) calms down she falls asleep in Feliciano’s arms. Ludwig picks her up and carries her to the car. (Name) snuggles in his arms making a tinkling sound. When they got to Elizaveta’s place they would explain things to her properly.
HAHA For some reason I like making depressing chapters.

Part 10:…

Part 12:…

Hetalia NOT mine
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