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March 31
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Hetalia X Neko Reader

The Real Story

The ride back to Elizaveta’s was quiet with (Name) sleeping peacefully snuggled up to Feliciano. Gilbert said he would ride with the girls so there was room for (Name) in their car and as long as Elizaveta didn’t kill him. Elizaveta agreed not to do so. When they got there Ludwig carried her inside. He heard more tinkling. They went to the living room Feliciano and Lovino sat on either side of (Name) while the others stood or sat around the room. After sitting in silence for a bit Feliciano gently shook her shoulder.

“Bella, it’s time to wake up”

(Name) made a noise and slowly opens her eyes. She looks at Feliciano and Lovino then everyone around the room.

“Where am I” (Name) asks

“Where at Elizaveta’s house” Lovino responds

(Names) ears drop.


Feliciano hugs her.

“Bella we’re sorry for not explaining things to you properly” he says sadly

“What do you mean” (Name) asks confused

“Bella, we didn’t send you away because we didn’t want you” Lovino says

(Name) looks at him still confused.

“You’re new to being human so we asked them to teach you how to be human” he continues

“Why can’t you teach me?” she asks

“(Name) for reasons zat are difficult to explain ve can’t teach jou so ve asked the girls to help” Ludwig says walking over and kneeling in front of her

“So, am I still your pet” (Name) asks

“Nein” Gilbert says stepping forward “Your family”

“So like what Antonio and Francis said we’re family” (Name) asks feeling better

The’re silent for a minute.

“Hai, just rike that” Kiku says standing next to Gilbert “We rove and take care of each other”

(Names) eyes water and she begins crying again.

“I never had family before, I don’t know what to do” she wails

“What do you mean you never had family” Feliciano asks “What about your parents”

(Names) ears drop and she looks down.

“I was abandoned as a kitten in Japan” (Name) says sadly

“So that’s how you know Japanese” Kiku comments

“Hai, to survive I had to lean fast and I did I learned to speak and read Japanese even though I couldn’t talk to humans”

“If jou vere born in Japan how did jou get here” Gilbert asks

“I got in some trouble and ran away” (Name) explains “While running I hid among some crates I waited until I thought it was safe and when I got out I was on a ship”

“I was scared and stayed there for who know how long starving and when the ship landed I ran as fast as I could”

“Eventually I got tired and needed to eat so I went to find food, it was easy at first I was a cute cat and people would give me food but when I grew up they called me a filthy stray”

“I wandered around for who knows how long until he found me”

“Who found you” Ludwig wig asks

“The man who sold me to you” (Name) answers

Their eyes widen.

“He gave me food and shelter and took care of me he even got me this collar” (Name) says then pulls the neck of the dress down to reveal her old collar

“So he lied to us” Gilbert stutters

“I don’t know what he told you, all I know is your names from when you signed the papers”

“THAT BASTARD!” Lovino shouts making (Name) flinch

Vhy did he sell Jou” Ludwig asks

“His wife didn’t like him keeping a stray he tried to sell me to other people but as soon as he told them I used to be a stray they turned their heads away”

By now Elizaveta, Lili, Yekaterina and Feliciano are crying. Feliciano hugs (Name) the three others come over and do the same. (Name) pat each of them on the back.

“Please don’t cry, if it hadn’t happened I would have never met you guys”

“We know but it’s still so sad” Elizaveta cries

“Thank you, I’m glad you care enough to cry for me” (Name) says a smile on her face

“Bella, I want you to know that even if you were a stray we would have adopted you anyway, Vi vogliamo bene”

“Really?” (Name) asks “You don’t think I’m a filthy stray”

“Nein, as ve said jour family” Ludwig says giving (Name) a small smile

“Watashi wa anata no subete no yō ni ōku no ai, arigatōgozaimasu (Thank you, I love you all so much)” (Name) wails

Kiku smiles knowing what she said.

“Vhat did she say” Gilbert asks

“Ret’s just say she is rearry happy” he replies

Gilbert smiles. They sit there for a while and one by one they all calm down.

“Arigatō min'na (Thank you everyone) for making me feel loved”

“(Name), we can’t understand you”

“Sorry, it seems when o get emotional I speak Japanese” (Name) says feeling embarrassed

“It’s ok” Ludwig say patting (Name) on the head

(Name) makes a sound and looks up at him smiling.

“If you brought me here to learn shouldn’t we get started” (Name) asks

“Ja, and zat means ve vill leave jou to jour lessons so ve aren’t in ze vay” Ludwig says stepping away allowing (Name) to stand up

(Name) hugs Ludwig then Feliciano and Lovino. Lovino blushes and hugs back. She walks over and hugs Gilbert and Kiku gives her an awkward hug. She sees them to the door and watches them get in the car and drive away. When they are gone she returns to the living room.

“Now let the lessons begin”
Buwaha Here it is people number 12

Now you know the truth about her.

Writing this was harder than I thought it would be. Coming up with a story that made sense but I think I did pretty goo tell me what you think.

Part 11:…

Part: 13:…

Hetalia NOT mine
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