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Hetalia X Neko Reader

Lesson in Cooking

The rest of the day is spent explaining to (Name) who will teach her what. After talking and a bit of yelling, mainly on Elizaveta and Natalia’s part, they came to a decision. Yekaterina will teach her about her new body and how to take care of it. Lili will teach her manners like how to eat and how to act in public and the house. Natalia will teach her self-defense. Finally Elizaveta will teach her how to cook and do other house work she will also help where needed.

(Names) curiosity about what they were going to teach her is off the charts. She is practically running around her room and jumping on the bed in excitement. Lili told her not to jump on the bed because it might break and she will get hurt. (Name) counted that as her first lesson. After sitting in her room playing with her tail for what seems like hours the door to her room opens.

“(Name), it’s time for diner” Yekaterina says

(Name) leaps to her feet and follows her to the dining room. She didn’t realize how hungry she is until she sees the food and her stomach growls, a sound which is foreign to her. She looks at it confused.

“Don’t worry, it’s just your stomach telling you you’re hungry and need to eat” Elizaveta says chuckling

(Name) nods and sits down. She looks at the plate of feed and can feel drool coming out of her mouth. She is about to stick her face in to eat it when Lili taps her arm.

“You need to use these” she says holding up a knife and fork

(Name) stares at them then her own. She picks them up and examines them. She watches Lili pierce the food with her fork and cut with the knife. (Name) copies her but she goes too far down and there is a loud screech as she cuts the plate. She moves the food to see a scratch in the plate.

“Seems your stronger than we thought” Elizaveta says laughing

Natalia scowls and Yekaterina chuckles nervously. (Names) cheeks turn pink in embarrassment.

“It’s just one little mistake, don’t worry about it” Lili reassures her

(Name) nods and tries again. She doesn’t scratch the plate this time and manages to get through the whole meal with few mistakes. An example would be spilling water on the table after trying to pour herself a glass then dropping it on the floor trying to pick it up to drink it. Once dinner is over they get ready for bed. Yekaterina teaches (Name) how to put on her nightgown which she borrowed from Elizaveta.  (Name) accidentally tears the hem as well as under one of the arms but other than that she put it on by herself. (Name) subconsciously curls into a ball under the covers and almost immediately falls asleep. Yekaterina smiles and walks to the door.

“Good night (Name)” she says before closing the door and leaving

(Names) eyes shoot open when a shrill beeping sounds around the room. She finds the source, which is an alarm clock but she does not know this. She grabs it and pulls it off the bedside table effectively pulling the cord out and knocking the table over. She throws the alarm clock across the room and it smashes to pieces when it hits the wall. Not a minute later the door slams open and the four enter. Elizaveta has her frying pan at the ready, Natalia a knife in hand and Yekaterina and Lili cowering behind them.

“What is it, what’s wrong?” Elizaveta asks looking around for danger

(Name) makes a sound that is a cross between a hiss and a whine then points at the shattered pieces of the alarm clock. The girls sigh with relief, well Natalia huffs in annoyance. Elizaveta walks over and pets (Name) on the head.

“It’s ok sweetheart, it’s just an alarm clock” Elizaveta says reassuringly

“Alarm clock?” (Name) asks confused

“Yes, it helps you wake up in the morning” she informs her

“Well I hate it” (Name) growls, her ears flattening and her tail flicking back and forth

“I wake up when Ludwig does”

After she says this her hears drop as does her tail. She looks down at the bed sadly.

It is silent until Yekaterina steps forward.

“How about I wake you in the morning, how does that sound?” she asks

(Name) looks at her and nods.

“Yes, I would like that” she says smiling

“Well now that that’s down let’s start your lessons, ok?” Lili asks

(Name) smiles and jumps off the bed. She goes to pull off her nightgown and Elizaveta pushed Lili and Natalia out of the room. She winces when she heard a ripping sound. After about 15 minutes. (Name) and Yekaterina exit the room, (Name) fully dressed in one of Natalia’s dresses.

“Girls, make a note, we need to take her shopping” Elizaveta says

The others nod while (Name) looks at them confused. After a minute of silence Elizaveta walks forward and takes (Names) hand.

“Let’s start your first lesson, cooking” she says leading her to the kitchen

(Name) smiles and follows eagerly. The other three girls wait in the dining room while Elizaveta takes (Name) into the kitchen. In the kitchen Elizaveta shows (Name) the different cooking utensils and ingredients. (Name) listens intently, taking all the new information in. When she is finished she turns to (Name) to ask her what she wants to eat only to see her already pulling out ingredients. Flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and more. She takes out a mixing bowl and begins mixing the ingredients together. She fires up the stove and puts down a frying pan and places a spatula on the counter next to it.

“What are you doing?” Elizaveta asks confused

“Making what I believe is called pancakes” (Name) answers adding milk and mixing the batter

Elizaveta watches her fascinated.

“How do you know how to make pancakes?” she asks

“I used to watch my family while they cooked, Kiku was the most interesting to watch, Feliciano ran around the kitchen like a mad man, Lovino swore while he cooked, Ludwig is a clean freak, the only time Gilbert cooked is when they wanted pancakes” (Name) informs her

“Gil cooks?” Elizaveta asks, not knowing this about her somewhat friend

“Yeah, he said someone named Matthew taught him”

Elizaveta watches as she finishes the batter and checks the heat of the pan. Satisfied that it is the right temperature she begins pouring the batter onto it forming four medium sized pancakes. Elizaveta watches with amazement.

‘They were right, she is smarter than an ordinary cat’ she thinks

“Where are the plates?”

(Names) voice breaks Elizaveta from her thoughts.


“Where are the plates? I need a plate to put the finished pancakes on?” (Name) asks again

“Oh, right here” Elizaveta say going to the cupboard and taking out a plate and giving it to (Name)

(Name) takes it and put it on the stove then flips the finished pancakes onto it. Elizaveta decides to let her do her thing and set the table. She takes out five plates and five sets of knives and forks and walks into the dining room. The others look up at her confused.

“Shouldn’t you be helping (Name)?” Lili asks

“Seems she already knows what she is doing just by watching the guys” Elizaveta answers

“What is she making?” Natalia asks


“Oh, I love pancakes, Mathew makes the best pancakes” Yekaterina says happily

“Apparently she learned it by watching Gilbert who learned to make them from Matthew” Elizaveta informs them

“This is going to be interesting” Natalia mumbles

Elizaveta finishes setting the table. When she is done (Name) walks into the room carrying a plate pilled with pancakes. Yekaterina squeals in excitement and happily digs in. Lili takes some and smiles brightly when she takes her fist bite. Elizaveta nods in approval. Natalia is hesitant.

“Aren’t you going to eat some?” (Name) asks

“Big brother used to go out and eat pancakes with Mathew” Natalia says

She stabs a pancake harshly making the other flinch except (Name).

“He ignores me to go visit that Canadian” she hisses

(Name) reaches over and rubs her back. Natalia huffs and calms down a bit.

“You need to tell him how you feel”

Natalia opens her mouth.

“But try not to be clingy, men need their space before they can enter a serious relationship, give him time and he will warm up to you”

Natalia looks at her and does something no one would expect her to do. She smiles.

“Yeah that what I will do, I will give big brother his space and over time he will fall in love with me”

(Name) returns the smile.

“Good, now eat before it gets cold”

Natalia nods and begins eating. The other stare, confuses by what just happened.
:iconheaddeskplz: FINALLY! I finished this on Wednesday but we had no power on Thursday then I procrastinated until now so I could edit this

:iconlazycryplz: I'm sorry it took so long I know people are eagerly awaiting this and here it is...Now I am going to get endless comments asking for more


Part 12:…

Part 14:…

Hetalia NOT mine
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