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February 7
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Hetalia X Neko Reader

New Home

The five men are walking away from the pet store. Feliciano swinging the basket lightly as he skips down the sidewalk and singing in Italian. Suddenly he spots an ice cream stand a dashes over to it, forgetting the animal in his hand. Ludwig runs after him. He takes the basket as Feliciano is ordering his ice cream. Ludwig steps back and lifts the blanket to see (Name) trembling and a dizzy expression on her face.

“Sorry about him, he can be a bit of an air head” he apologizes

‘Why am I talking to a cat’ Ludwig wonders.

(Name) shakes her head to get rid of the dizziness then nods in understanding.

‘It’s almost like she can understand me’ he thinks

(Name) blinks at him a couple times and then to his surprise she crawls up his arm and rests on his left shoulder. She is holding on tightly enough so she won’t fall off but isn’t digging her claws into his shoulder. Ludwig can’t stop a small smile as it comes to his face and (Name) purrs in content. Feliciano turns around licking his ice cream. When he see Ludwig with the basket and (Name) on his shoulder he squeals.

“Oh Luddy, you look so cute” he cries almost dropping his ice cream

Ludwig blushes in embarrassment. He turn to look at the others. Gilbert is grinning widely. Kiku has a small smile on his face and Lovino is smirking in amusement. His blush deepens.

“Let’s go home already” Ludwig says quickly walking away

The others shrug and follow. As they walk they his whispers and murmurs about the cat on Ludwig’s shoulder. He tries to ignore them but it is difficult with his acute hearing. Eventually he can’t take it anymore so he picks (Name) up off his shoulder and puts her in the basket then gives it to Kiku. (Name) yowls in protest at his actions but after a minute of him ignoring her she goes quiet.

Eventually the five of them arrive at their home. Ludwig unlocks the door and lets everyone in. as they enter Kiku looks at the clock and gasps.

“I have to prepare dinner” he says thee dashes to the kitchen

When Kiku gets to the kitchen he puts the basket on the table and gets to work. In the living too the others separate to do their own thing while they wait until dinner is ready. Feliciano had finished his ice cream and walk to the kitchen to dispose of the paper. Suddenly there is a scream and the others run to the kitchen

“Vhats vrong” Ludwig asks

Feliciano points at the basket on the table. They turn to see the blanket pulled back and it is empty.

“Kiku do jou know vhere (Name) vent” Ludwig asks

Kiku shakes his head.

“I was in the kitchen I didn’t see anything” he replies

“Maybe she’s mad at you Vest for taking her and shoving her in the basket instead of letting her stay on jour shoulder”

“Zat’s nonsense she is just a cat”

‘Though it really did seem like she could understand me’

“We have to find the bella”

Immediately they all split up to look for her. Ludwig and Gilbert go to search the back of the house. Kiku and Feliciano go to search the kitchen and dining area. Lovino stays to check the living room and hallways. He is walking around the living room when he hears a noise come from under the couch. He walks over to it and bends down to look underneath. There curled up in a ball is (Name). She stares back at him with dilated pupils.

“Ragazza, get out from under there” Lovino says gesturing for her to come out

(Name) shakes her head, saying no. this strikes Lovino as odd but he brushes it off remembering he read that cats a very intelligent.

“Come on don’t make me pull you out”

(Name) shook her head. Frustrated Lovino reached under the couch to grab her. (Name) hissed, unsheathed her claws and scratched the palm of his hand. Lovino cried in pain and pulled his hands out. It didn’t take long for the others to come and find him holding his bleeding hand. (Name) crawled out from under the couch. Lovino glared at her. She padded over to him, reached up and grabbed his sleeve in her mouth. He watched as she pulled him arm down and used one paw to hold it whole she gently licked the wound. When she finished she looked at him sadly. He gently pet her with his other hand.

“Vow zats one smart cat” Gilbert commented

“Lovino let’s get you patched zen ve can have dinner” Ludwig said

“Don’t tell me what to do” Lovino shouts but he stands up and walks into the kitchen

Kiku is finishing dinner when he remembers something.

“We didn’t get any cat food” he tells the others

“Cats like fish don’t they just give her some of that” Lovino says as Ludwig finished wrapping his hand in a bandage

Kiku nods and finishes making dinner. He chops up some fish and puts it on a bowl. After setting diner on the table he puts the plate on the floor. (Name) immediately runs to it and starts eating. She looks at Kiku and meows happily. To him it almost looks like she is smiling at him.

“Ve, I want to make her pasta” Feliciano cried

“Idiota, cats don’t eat pasta” Lovino yelled at him after hitting him on the back of the head

(Name) stepped away from her food and padded over to Feliciano. She tugged his pant leg. He looked down at her and reached down to pick her up.

“(Name) do you want to try pasta” he asked

“Feliciano she’s a cant, she can’t respond” Ludwig said

To their surprise (Name) nodded her head.

“Zen it’s decided, Feliciano gets to cook tomorrow” Gilbert shouts

“Yay” Feliciano cheers happily

I didn't expect to get this out so quickly but oh well here it is part two

PS: I want to put a preview pic but I don't know what, I would like suggestions

Part 1:…

Part 3:… 



Hetalia NOT mine

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