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February 17
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Hetalia X Neko Reader


Ludwig woke up the next morning feeing a big weight on his chest. He looks down too see (Name) sleeping on his chest.

‘She’s just like Feliciano, crawling into my bed while I sleep, speaking of which’

Ludwig turns his head to the side, unsurprised when he saw Feliciano sleeping next to him. He carefully picks (Name) up, trying not to wake her and gets out of bed. He walks to her basket which sits by the bed and puts her in it then pulls the blanket so it covering her body. He smiles as he walks away to go take a shower. (Name) opens one eyes and watches him walk away then purrs happily.

Latter Kiku is walking around the house. He is wearing his normal clothes in addition he has a cloth tying his hair back and an apron tied around his waist. He has a duster in his hand and a cloth in the other. He dusts something them wipes it down with the cloth. He walks into the living room and gives a high pitched shriek when he sees his entire anime collection scattered all around the floor.

“Why is arr my anime here” he asks aloud

He pauses to think about who the culprit could be. Ludwig and Feliciano went out on a date. Gilbert is with Francis and Antonio and Lovino is in brooding his room.

‘It can’t ne Lovino, he never goes into my room, plus I didn’t hear him come out of his room’

Kiku hears a shuffling sound and walks further into the room to see (Name) staring at the back of one of his anime. Her eyes are moving back and forth as it she is reading it. When she is done she pushes it aside and pulls the next one forward, flips it over and starts reading again.

‘She looks so cute but how can she understand the text, it’s all in Japanese’ Kiku wonders

(Name) can feel herself being stared at so she turns around. When she sees Kiku she meows happily. She jumps around the scattered anime then stops. She picks one up in her teeth and pads over to Kiku, showing it to him. Kiku bends down and picks it up

“Fruits Basket” he reads aloud

“You want to watch this” he asks

(Name) nods her head.

“Arright I guess I can take a break from creaning” he says putting the DVD down and taking off his apron

He cleans up the mess of DVD’s and puts the chosen one in the DVD player. He sits on the couch and (Name) hops onto his lap. He tenses at first but then relaxes.

Kiku and (Name) watch a lot of his anime before Ludwig and Feliciano return home. They look up when the two enter the living room.

“(Name), I got you something” Feliciano says happily

He walks over holding a cup that ice-cream usually comes in. inside is a pool of melted vanilla ice-cream. Kiku picks up (Name) and puts her on the floor then Feliciano sets the ice-cream in front of her. (Name) stares at the ice-cream before giving it a cautious lick. To Feliciano’s enjoyment she shoves her face in the cup and eats it greedily. When she is finished she looks up at them with ice-cream on her face. Ludwig and Kiku chuckle while Feliciano squeals with happiness.

“I’ll give her a bath vhile Feliciano prepares dinner” Ludwig says

“You want me to make dinner” Feliciano asks confused

“Ja, ve promised (Name) some pasta remember” Ludwig says as he picks (Name) up

“And Kiku after seeing vhat jou vere doing I’m guessing jou didn’t finish ze cleaning” he asks

Kiku blushes and nods. He quickly dons his apron and returns to cleaning the house.

Ludwig takes (Name) to the bathroom. He grabs some rubber gloves and towels. In the bathroom he closes the door and locks it. He knows cats hate water so he is cautious as he starts a bath while holding (Name) in his arms. When the water is the right height, he puts on the gloves and slowly lowers her into the water. When her paws touch it they retract immediately. Ludwig frowns. He takes a deep breath and pushes her into the water. She lets out a loud yowl and begins thrashing around. Ludwig holds her with one hand while he gets her whole body wet. Once it is wet he begins the painstaking process of cleaning her.

Lovino hears the yowl and runs out of his room. He spots Kiku and goes to him.

“What’s going on” he asks

“Rudwig is giving (Name) a bath” Kiku respond calmly

“Oh” Lovino nods in understanding.

After a couple hours Ludwig exits the bathroom and walk into the kitchen carrying a wet (Name) wrapped in a towel.

“Kiku, remind me to get some new rubber gloves tomorrow” he says as he put a pair of shredded gloves into the trash bin

Kiku nods as he finishes setting the table. Suddenly the front door slams open and a startled (Name) leaps out of Ludwig’s arms. Ludwig sighs and walks into the living room just as Gilbert stumbles in.

“Bruder vhy are jou being so loud” Ludwig says as he beds down to look under the couch

As expected he seed (Name) crouching under it. He is about to reach under and grab her when he is pushed aside. Ludwig turns to see Gilbert grinning like an idiot.

“Vest let ze expert do zis” he says before reaching under the couch

“Bruder I vouldn’t do zat if I were-”

(Name) yowls and Gilbert screams. Ludwig watches as he pulls a thrashing and furious (Name) out from under the couch. The sleeves on his shirt are torn apart. He lifts (Name) up to his face.

“See, zat vasn’t so hard vas it” Gilbert asks grinning

Ludwig winces as (Name) scratches his check. He drops her and she pads away wrinkling her nose in disgust. It is obvious she didn’t like the smell of alcohol on his breath. Ludwig stands up and looks down at his pouting brother.

“Come on bruder lets go patch jou up” he says

“Vhy doesn’t she like me” Gilbert asks as the two walk away

“I don’t zink its jou, I gave her a bath earlier and she tore apart a pair of rubber gloves” Ludwig says sympathetically

Gilbert winces.

“Zat must have been fun” Gilbert comments

“It vas though I’m not really willing to do it again”

“Jou vill probably have to since you seem to be ze only one who can handle her”

The two walk into the kitchen to be greeted by the wonderful smell of pasta. Feliciano is darting around the kitchen as he is cooks and (Name) is standing off to the side watching him.

“Finally you two bustards are here now you can help me set the table” Lovino says with his signature scowl

Ludwig quickly patches up Gilberts wound and then they help Lovino set the table. The others are tempted to ask about the scratch but it isn’t that hard to guess what happened since (Name) walks away from Gilbert when her walks into the room.

Soon after Feliciano finishes and there are five plates of hot pasta on the table plus a smaller plate on the floor for (Name). She sniffs the pasta then takes a lick of the sauce. She takes a bite of the noodles then slurps them up, the sauce spraying her face. Then like with the ice-cream she shoves her face into it. The men laugh at her silliness and begin to eat their own meals.

“Jou know eating pasta like zis is making me zink of Lady and ze Tramp” Gilbert comments

“Ve, we just need to get her a mate and then we will have a bunch of adorable kittens” Feliciano squeals at the thought

“NO!” the others yell

“What’s Rady and the Tramp” Kiku asks confused

The others sigh and (Name) looks at them tilting her head slightly.

Now you get a glimpse of what she likes and dislikes.

Still waiting for more Neko Profiles. I only have 3

Part 2:…

Part 4:…




Hetalia NOT mine

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