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February 17
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Hetalia X Neko Reader


The next day Ludwig and Feliciano went out shopping to get some cat food as well as some other necessities. The five of them plus (Name) are sitting in the living room watching Lady and the Tramp since Kiku wanted to know what Feliciano was talking about. When he saw the pasta scene he blushed furiously. His blush worsened at the ending of the movie.

“So, do jou get it now Kiku” Gilbert asks

Kiku nods unsure of how to respond. Suddenly the front door slams open and (Name), who was sitting on Feliciano’s lap, leaps off it and scurries under the couch.

“GILBERT!” two voices yell, so loud that it reverberates around the house

Ludwig sighs just as the two ‘unwanted’ visitors run into the living room.

“So where is the belle” asks one of them in a French accent

“Si where is the chica” the other asks in a Spanish accent

Gilbert points down to Feliciano, who is trying to get (Name) out from under the couch. Eventually she comes out and he holds her in his arms.

“Francis, Antonio zis is (Name)” Gilbert says gesturing to her

“(Name), zese are mein best friends Francis” he says pointing to the Frenchman “And Antonio” he says gesturing to the Spaniard

(Name) gives a light hiss and glares at them. Feliciano scratches her behind the ear and she purrs softly.

“This is the chica you were telling us about, from what you were saying we thought it was a hermosa chica” Antonio comments, staring at the (fur/color) cat

“Sorry bout zat I vas drunk and I vasn’t zinking properly” Gilbert shrugs

“Oh ok”

It is silent as the two stare at (Name). Feliciano stands up and walks over to them. He holds (Name) out for one of them to take. Antonio reaches out and takes (Name) in his arms. She squirms a bit then relaxes.

“She reminds me of Lovi” Antonio says happily

Lovino blushes like a tomato.

“I AM NOT LIKE THAT!” he shouts “And don’t call me that”

Lovino crosses his arms and puffs his cheeks. (Name) makes this hissing sound as it she is laughing.


(Names) ears flatten and she shrinks into Antonio’s arms.

“Lovi, don’t yell at the chica” Antonio scolds petting (Name) to make her feel better

“Hey chica do you like tomatoes?” Antonio asks taking one out of his pocket

(Name) tilts her head and stares at the bright red fruit. Antonio takes this as a no. he walks to the kitchen and gives (Name) to Francis. He then begins to chop the tomato into little cubes and puts them in a bowl. He places the bowl on the floor and Francis puts (Name) down. She pads over to the bowl and they all watch as she slowly eats the tomato bit by bit. When she finished she looks at Antonio and meowed with delight.

“Yay, the chica likes it” Antonio cheers

(Name) meows in response. She pads over to him and he scoops her up into this arm. He pets her and she purrs happily. After a couple minutes (Names) purring stops. She looks up to see Francis staring at her. She looks up at Antonio and pushes his chest. When he looks down at her she looks at Francis. Antonio smiles and holds (Name) out to him.

“Do you want to hold the chica?”

Francis looks at Antonio then (Name) who meows. Francis reaches out and takes (Name) from him. He holds her close and she nuzzles her head into his chest.

“Aw, big brother and (Name) look so cute together” Feliciano coos

Francis blushes and (Name) meows in agreement.

“What the fuck, all this attention for a freaking cat” Lovino shouts then crossed his arms and puffed his cheeks out

“Lovi are you pouting” Antonio asks

“AM NOT” Lovino shouts his face red and turning his head to the side

(Name) nudges Francis. He looks down at her and nods. He walks over and puts her down on the table. She pads across it and stops in front of Lovino. She nudges his arms and he looks at her.

“What do you want” he asks staring at her

She meows and nuzzles his hand, asking to be pet. He uncrosses his arms and slowly reaches out to pet her. (Name) purrs in content and leans into his hand. Lovino can’t stop a small smile from coming to his face.

“Oh Lovi, your smiling” Antonio squeals with delight

Lovino scowls and immediately retracts his hand ad (Name) meows in protest.

“I wasn’t smiling” he denies

Gilbert grins. He picks up (Name) and puts her on his lap. She clings to his shirt and Lovino grabs her so she won’t fall.

“Idiota, what the hell was that for” Lovino shouts

Gilbert does his snake like laugh and points at (Name) who is snuggling in his arms. Lovino moves to give her to Feliciano but she digs her claws in his shirt, refusing to let go.

“Seems she likes you fratello” Feliciano comments with a smile

Lovino frowns and blushes but he holds (Name) close. The others smile happily. Even Ludwig and Kiku. It is quiet until Antonio breaks it.

“Well me and Francis had better get going and leave the happy family to themselves”

“Au revoir” Francis says waving to the family of five plus one

The two of them leave and the five of them sit there in silence.

“Family” they all say in unison and looking at (Name) who is asleep in Lovino’s arms

“Are we really a family” Feliciano asks

“I seems so” Ludwig answers

“I like ze idea, of us being a family” Gilbert says

“Hai, me too” Kiku agrees

“What about you fratello?” Feliciano asks Lovino

“Si I like that” he replies petting the sleeping (Name)

This is a little shorter than the other chapter but oh well. More characters have appeared and there will be more to come.

Still need Neko profiles

Part 3:…

Part 5:…


Hetalia NOT mine

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