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February 24
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Hetalia X Neko Reader

New Friends

Once again Ludwig woke up with a weight on his chest. He looked down to see (Name) purring in her sleep. He turned his head to the side and saw Feliciano in his bed as well.

‘Why do people and animals like sleeping in my bed’ he wondered

Ludwig picked up (Name) and crawled out of bed. He put her in her basket and went to take a shower. As he showered he remembered something important.

“VERDAMMT!” he shouted

His shout startled the others in the house, waking them immediacy. He leapt out of the shower, quickly dried his self and dashed out of the bathroom. He looked at the clock. 6: 10. He cursed again and quickly got dressed. He pulled Feliciano out of his bed.

“Get dressed now” Ludwig ordered him

“But why” Feliciano asked sleepily

“Were going to be late” he said running out of the room

Ludwig cooked a quick breakfast and after a few minutes everyone entered the kitchen completely confused.

“Rudwid what’s wrong” Kiku asked

Ludwig pointed at the calendar. They looked at it and their eyes widened. Immodestly they all burst into action. Rushing to get dressed

“God damnit, I can’t believe were late” Lovino cursed as he ate some of the breakfast Ludwig made.

Normally he would complain but he is too stressed at the moment to do so.

“This is all your fault you know” Lovino said as he finished and put his dishes in the sink.

“My fault, how is it mein fault” Ludwig asked annoyed

“You and that stupid cat got us all distracted”

“Ve, fratello she is not stupid” Feliciano said as he entered the room

Kiku and Gilbert soon followed. They ate breakfast and finished their preparations to get ready.

“Vait, vhat about (Name)” Gilbert asked as he slipped into his shoes

“Forget her we need to hurry” Lovino said fixing his tie

“I know a friend that can rook after her whire were gone” Kiku said slipping on his jacket

“Zat vill vork” Ludwig said “(NAME)” he shouted down the hall

To their surprise (Name) came running down the hall her basket in her mouth. Ludwig scooped her and the basket up then darted outside. Ludwig got into the driver’s seat of the car and gave the basket to Gilbert who sat next to him. Kiku Feliciano and Lovino slid into the back seat and Ludwig started the car. (Name) made a whimpering sound when the car started. Gilbert comforted her as they drove away

“Kiku vhere does jour friend live” Ludwig asked

Kiku proceeded to lead him to his house. Thankfully it didn’t take long. Kiku got out of the car and took the basket from Gilbert. He walked to the door step and rang the bell. He shuffled from foot to foot as he waited for the door to be answered. The door slowly opened to reveal a mam with light brown hair and a two sided curl on the top of his head and light green eyes. He is wearing a white t-shirt with brown pants.

“Kiku…what are you doing here” he asked slowly

“Heracres, can you rook after out cat whire we’re at work” Kiku asked

Heracles looked at the basket. He held his arms out and Kiku gave it to him. He lifted the blanket and met with a pair of (eye/color) eyes.

“Sure” is all he said

“Arigatō, I wirr be sure to pay you back” Kiku said before running back to the car

Heracles watched the car speed away then looked at the cat in the basket. (Name) meowed and started at the new person.

“Alright, let’s take you to the others” he said in a hushed voice

He carried the basket to another room where (Name) saw seven other cats. She slowly crawled out of her basket and padded over to them.

“Let me introduce them for you”

“This is Amanda you can call her Amy” he said

He pointed to a dark brown cat with white paws and green eyes, her left being slightly lighter as well as scar over it. She also has a heart shape near her bottom, and a bow on her tail

“She’s blind in her left eyes so be careful”

“This is Misky you can call her Mimi” he said

He pointed to a golden long hair cat with green eyes and a brown star like shape on her right shoulder. She also has a blue handkerchief around her neck.

“This is Megan”

He pointed to a dark red brown eyes cat with two black spots on her front feet. She has a purple bow on her right ear.

“These two are Cheshy and Cheshire”

Cheshy is a cat with reddish pink and violet Cheshire stripes with rose pink eyes. She has a bite mark on her neck and a purple bell collar.

Cheshire is a cat blue and grey Cheshire stripes with red eyes. Her neck and right ear have a bite in them. Her left ear has three gold earrings and her right has one below the bite.

“Be careful around these two the like to play tricks”

“This is Autumn you can call her Aki”

He pointed to a brown cat with brown eyes and a black spot on her right ear. She has a red bow around her neck.

“And lastly is Spook”

He pointed to a black cat with green eyes. She has a gold bow on her tail

“She may look scary she is actually really nice”

“Everyone this is…” Hercules trailed off when he realized he didn’t know (Names) name

The other cats tilted their heads in confusion. He looked at her and she stares back until she realized the problem. She made motions with her paw as if she saw writing something. Hercules understood and left. He came back with a piece of paper and a pencil. He put the paper on the floor and gave the pencil to (Name) who took in in her mouth. Hercules watched as she slowly wrote her name on the paper. When she finished she dropped the pencil at his feet. He picked up the paper and read it.

“Everyone this is (Name)”

The cats meowed and Hercules left.

“You’re pretty smart for a cat” Cheshy meowed padding forward

“I can’t believe she wrote her name on paper” Cheshire meowed jumping up and down

“I think it’s cool that she did that” Autumn meowed bounding over to her and rubbing her cheek against (Names)

“I’ll admit that was impressive” Megan said padding toward (Name)

“Hey let’s forget about that and play” Misky said running forward and pushing the others toward the toys

“(Name), you go first” Misky said pushing her forward

(Name) padded forward and looked at all the colorful toys. What caught her eye was a (favorite/color) ball with small holes in it. She padded over to it. She hit it with her paw and it made a tinkling sound. There is a bell inside it. (Names) eyes flashed with excitement and in second she was rolling around on the floor the ball in her paws and teeth. The others watch her then go to play with their own toys. After a while (Name) gets tired and lets go of the ball. She pads away wanting to see Hercules. She finds him asleep on his couch then quickly runs back to the others who are also beginning to tire.

“Hey, Hercules is asleep on the couch”

The other cats follow (Name) back to the living room.

“What do we do, should we wake him” Autumn asks

The cats are silent until Spook pads forward. She leaps onto the couch then to the back. She curls up into a ball and rest against his head. The others soon follow her lead. Megan and Misky crawl under his arms. Amanda and Autumn curl up together on his stomach. Cheshy and Cheshire crawled in between his knees. And (Name) curled up into a ball on his lap. Hercules and the seven cats lay there sleeping comfortably.  After a few hours the doorbell rings and Hercules opens his eyes. He could feel weight on his body plus fur. He chuckled when he saw the cats sleeping around him. He lifted his arms waking Megan and Misky. He lifted his head and woke Spook. He scooped up Amanda and Autumn in his arms and put them beside him. He did the same with (Name) putting her on his other side. By now both Cheshy and Cheshire are awake and leaping off the couch. Once Hercules was sure none of the cats were in his way he walked to the front door and opened it. There stood Kiku with a small smile.

“Kon'nichiwa Hercures, I’m here to pick up (Name)” Kiku said

Hercules nodded and turned around.

“(Name), Kiku is here to pick you up” he called

Seconds later (Name) bounded into the room, her basked in her mouth and the others following her. Hercules bent down and put (Name) in her basket. The other cats meowed their goodbyes as Hercules gave the basket to Kiku.

“You have to bring her back some time, I like her” Hercules said

Kiku nodded and was about to turn away when Hercules kissed him on the cheek.

“I like when you visit, you should do it more often”

Kiku nodded again with a bright blush and dashed away to the others waiting in their car.

“I’m going to miss her” Hercules aid as he watched the car drive away

The cats meowed in agreement.

Long chapter is long. The introductions and descriptions took up most of the space. I know you don't see much of the cats personalities but you will see more of them later. Also before anyone asks none one can understand them. To humans their just meowing to each other.

Part 4:…

Part 6:…

Amanda :iconanimeniac4ever:


Autumn :iconsonichetaliafan97:

 Cheshy and Cheshire :iconcheshireneko247:

Megan Sorry lost your profile

Misky :iconzizzchibi1932:

Spook :iconkittykatrocks12:


Hetalia NOT mine

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