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Hetalia X Neko Reader

Date Night

It wasn’t long for it to become a daily occurrence. Ludwig would wake up with (Name) on his chest and Feliciano beside him. He would go to take a shower and when he got out he would wake Feliciano and go make breakfast. As he made breakfast the other came and they ate together, including (Name). After they left the house they drove (Name) to Hercules’ house for the day and would pick her up when it was they were. The more time (Name) spent at Hercules’ the better she got along with the other cats…Minus a few incidents.

Hercules told them that Cheshy and Cheshire spilled (Names) food on her and he had to give her a bath, which to Ludwig’s surprise was pretty easy. Megan and (Name) had a hissing fight which turned into the attacking each other. Thankfully neither were hurt but he had to keep them separate for a while. (Name) hit Autumn in the face for bugging her during her nap. Misky and (Name) played tug of war over the same toy. Nothing happened between Amanda and (Name). But (Name) unintentionally attacked Spook for scaring her.

The weekend finally came around and the others are happy to spend some time with their beloveds. Ludwig and Feliciano are going to see a movie together. Antonio is taking Lovino out to dinner. Gilbert is going to spend the evening at Matthews’s house and Kiku is going out shopping with Hercules.

Since no one is available to take care of (Name) they decide to leave her at home alone for the evening. They did asks one of their neighbors, who has a key to the house, to check on her once in a while. They also left some food and toy out for her to play with.

“I wonder how (Name) is doing” Feliciano asks as he and Ludwig walk into the theatre

“Ve haven’t been gone for very long so I’m sure she’s fine” Ludwig replied as he bought their tickets

“I know but I am a little worries, this is the first time we left her alone”

The two walked into the theatre and pushed their thoughts of (Name) to the side.

Antonio and Lovino just sat down and are looking at their menus. Antonio noticed that Lovino looked troubled.

“Lovi, are you ok”

“Si, I’m fine” he replies, not looking up from the menu

Antonio knew something was bothering because he didn’t yell at him for calling him ‘Lovi’

“Are you sure”

“Si, I’m sure”

Antonio stared at him until it clicked.

“You’re worried about the chica aren’t you” he asked

Lovino flinched. He was silent for a few minutes before speaking again.

“Why would I worry about that stupid cat?”

“Lovi, I know your worried but relax, she can take care of herself plus you also have someone to check on her don’t you?” Antonio point4ed out

“Yeah buy still…”

Antonio pulled the menu away from Lovino’s face and lifted it so they were looking each other in the eyes.

“Don’t worry she’ll be fine now let’s order some food and enjoy our time together”

“Fine” Lovino grumbled

Gilbert and Mathew are cuddling together on the couch in front of a fire place. Matthew leaned his head on Gilberts shoulder. His blond hair brushing against his face and his curl bouncing lightly. The fire in the fireplace reflected against his wireframe glasses which sat in front of his violet eyes.

“Gilbert are you ok, you’ve been really quiet” Mathew asked in his quiet voice

Gilbert grunted but didn’t respond. Mathew pulled away from Gilbert which caused him to look at him.


“Come on Gilbert, I know something’s bothering you so please tell me” Matthew tried so to sound stern but it sounded more like he was pleading

Gilbert stared at him then chuckled. Mathew looked at him confused before Gilbert pulled him back and they were cuddling again.

“Seems I can hide anything from you can I” gilbert commented with another chuckle

Mathew waited for him to answer.

“I’m vorried about (Name)”

“Are you talking about your new cat” Mathew asked

“Ja, I am”

Matthew smiled and hugged Gilbert tightly.

“You’re so sweet for worrying about her”

Matthew looked at him still smiling.

“But you don’t need to worry cats are smart and can take care of themselves, plus didn’t you tell me that (Name) was smarter than a normal cat” Matthew reassured him

Gilbert thought about it then nodded.

“Danke Birdie” Gilbert said hugging Matthew

Kiku and Hercules are walking down the street looking in the different shops. At one point Hercules notices that Kiku isn’t really paying attention to what they were doing.

“Kiku” Hercules asks moving closer to Kiku

Kiku flinches at the close proximity then relaxes once he realizes its Hercules.

“Are you worried about (Name)” Hercules asked

“Hai I am” Kiku sighs

“I know you tord up not to worry but I can’t herp it”

Hercules chuckled and Kiku looked at him confused.

“It’s normal for new pet owners to act like you are now” he said pulling Kiku close

Hercules kissed him on the cheek.

“But remember what I told you cats can easily take care of themselves”

Kiku was silent before nodding in agreement.

‘(Name) will be fine’ he though reassuring himself

The evening went by and then they all started to make their way home. Despite their worrying they managed to enjoy themselves. Kiku was telling them what Hercules told him about cats, especially (Name), being beyond average intelligence. Gilbert backed him up saying that Matthew told him the same thing. They stopped in front of the house. The lights were off as expected. However they could see a light in the living room. Ludwig opened the door and walked inside, the others following. He slowly walked toward the living room, thinking there is an intruder. He stopped and stood up straight at what he saw, the other did the same. In the living room the TV is one with one of Kiku’s anime’s and on the couch (Name) is sleeping peacefully the remote beside her. She sensed they presence and lifted her head to look at them. She seem to smile them meow.

“We’re home” Ludwig said with a smile

The five of them quickly got ready for bed. They each said their goodnights to each other and (Name). Ludwig scoped her up in his arms and brought her to his bed.

“I thought you didn’t like people sleeping with you” Feliciano asks

“I’m getting used to it” he said putting (Name) on the bed “Now lay down before I pull you down”

Feliciano smiled and crawled into the bed. He made it so that (Name) is curled up between the two.

“Good night (Name), we love you” Feliciano said kissing her on the head the closing his eyes

‘Good night’

Woo Hoo part 6 and another part will be out after

Part 5:…

Part 7:…

Hetalia NOT mine

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