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Hetalia X Neko Reader


(Name) slowly padded down the street. She enjoyed the freedom she had since her owners were getting used to the fact they she needs to go outside. Thanks to Hercules explaining to them the needs of a cat they became more relaxed and allowed her to go where she wanted. Though they did get her a new collar with her name and their address and phone number on the back. (Name) tried to stay close to the house but there are so many things she wanted to see. She stopped when she saw a woman watering the plants in her yard. (Name) couldn’t help herself. She ran to the hose and started jumping at the falling water trying to catch it in her mouth. The woman laughed and held it up while making the water spray more.

After a while (Name) is completely soaked. The woman picked her up and took her inside. (Name) didn’t protest when the woman got a towel and dried her off. The woman left and (Name) followed her to the kitchen. She watched her take something out of the fridge then after a bit of shuffling around the kitchen a plate of fish was put on the floor for her.

“You’re lucky…” she looked at her collar “(Name), I had fish for dinner yesterday and there were leftovers so eat up”

She pushed the plate toward her. (Name) meowed a thanks before eating. The woman smiled and gently pet her while she ate. When (Name) was done the woman cleaned her face. She picked her up and brought her outside.

“You should probably get going now” the woman said putting her down

(Name) slowly padding walking away.

“You can come back anytime”

(Name) meowed again then bounded off down the street. She kept on padding forward until she came across a mom and her kid. The little boy squealed and tried to run to her but his mom held him back.

“Be careful, it could be a diseased stray” the mom warned

(Names) ears flattened in annoyance and she shook her head to show off her collar the laid down to show that she wasn’t a threat. The boy looked at his mom with pleading eyes before she let go of his hand. He immediately rushed over to (Name) and scooped her up in his small arms. She snuggled into his tight but soft grasp.

“You’re so soft” the boy said into her fur

(Name) purred and licked his cheek. This caused his to have a burst of giggles. (Name) liked this and licked his other cheek. He giggled even more.

“Come on sweetie, we need to get going” the mom said interrupting his fit of giggles

The boy whined and reluctantly put (Name) down. His mom took his hand again and they began walking away. The boy turned and waved at her. The boy giggled when (Name) lifted her paw and waved back. (Name) visibly smiled. There are so many kind humans. She looked around and something across the street caught her attention. Without thinking she move to run to it. She heard a scream and screeching sound before something hit her in the side hard. Her body flew through the air and landed with a thud. (Names) vision is blurry with big spots. She heard shouting and felt someone pick her up. She caught site of the terrified face of the boy’s mother before everything went black.

The family of five are in their house. Ludwig is sitting on a chair reading a book. Kiku is sitting on one end of the couch drawing. Gilbert is sitting in front of the TV playing a game. Lovino is in the kitchen looking for some new recipes for cooking. Lastly Feliciano is on the other end of the couch daydreaming, comfortable in his own thoughts. The somewhat silence is interrupted when the phone rings. Ludwig takes off his reading glasses and puts down his book to answer the phone.

“Hallo, zis is Ludvig”

“Hi, I’m calling from --------- Veterinary Clinic” a man says

Ludwig felt the blood drain from his face.

“Are you the owner of (Name)” asks the man on the phone

“J-Ja, I am” Ludwig stutters fearing the worst

“I’m sorry to inform you of this but she was hit by a car earlier today”

Ludwig dropped the phone, completely shocked. The others looked up confused.

“Rudwig, what’s wrong” Kiku asks concerned

Ludwig stood there silent. He hears sounds coming from the phone and he scrambled to pick it up. He held it with both hands shaking lightly.

“H-How is she” Ludwig asks shakily

“She’s alive but just barely, if you want you can come down and see her” the man offered

“Ja, ve’ll be zere as soon as ve can” Ludwig almost shouted

He slammed the phone down and turned to the others. They waited for him to speak. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself.

“(Name) vas hit by a car and is now in the hospital” he said as calmly as he could

It was silent as they all stared at him. Feliciano was the first to react. He screamed and leapt to his feet.

“Ve have to go see her now” Ludwig said swiftly walking past them

They immediately followed, Lovino dragging the screaming Feliciano. The quickly put on their clothes and went to the car. As soon as Ludwig unlocked it Feliciano was the first inside. He sat next to Ludwig, the other in the back. Ludwig drove as fast as he could without going over the speed limit. He parked in front of the front door, not caring if their car got towed. They rushed inside and went straight to the reception desk.

“Ve’re here to see (Name)” Ludwig said to the woman behind the desk

The woman nodded and picked up a phone. Ludwig drummed his fingers while she talked on the phone. She hung up and seconds later a veterinarian came out.

“(Name)” the vet called out

They ran over to him and he nodded.

“This way please”

He led them down a hall which seemed to go on forever. He entered a room and they followed. They gasped at the sight before them. (Name) lay on a white bed, bandages wrapped around her right front and back legs and her torso. There is an IV in her left front leg. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed heavily.

“She was hit on the right side breaking both her front and back legs, she also broke some ribs and cracked her spinal cord, with the amount of damage I don’t think she has much time left” the vet informed them

Feliciano cried the most he held onto his brother Lovino who had his eyes closed hugging him back. Gilbert covered his face with his hands. Kiku had a hand over his mouth muffling his sobbing. Ludwig just stared silently, thins lines of tears streaming down his face.

“If you want you can have her euthanized” the doctor suggested

Gilberts head shot up.

“NEIN!” he shouted angrily

Ludwig snapped out of his stupor and put a hand on Gilberts shoulder.

“Can we have one last day with her” he asked

The others looked at him. The vet nodded.

“I will give her some medication to help with the pain then you can take her home” he said walking to the counter and picking up a needle

They watched as he injected the needle into her. (Names) face scrunched then relaxed. The vet reached for a blanket and after detaching the IV he wrapped her in it. He gently picked her up and walked over to them. Gilbert took her in his arms since Ludwig was driving and none of the others seem s to be in the condition to carry her.

“Take care of her” the vet says waving them off

They left and got in the car. Gilbert sat in the back with Feliciano and Lovino on either side of him, Ludwig in the drivers sear and Kiku in the passenger’s seat. The drive back was quiet. No one bothered to say anything. Feliciano kept looking at (Name). He wanted to pet her but he is afraid of hurting her. When they got back they entered the house and quickly changed for bed. They now sit in the living room together on the couch. Ludwig in the middle with (Name) in his arms. Feliciano and Lovino on one side, Gilbert and Kiku on the other. Ludwig felt movement and he looked down to see (Name) apparently smiling at him. He smiled back and closed his eyes. He and the others fell into an uneasy slumber.

Two chapters in a row I'm on a roll. I'm evil for the way I ended it

EDIT: Reread the diagnosis cause I fixed it

Part 6:…

Part 8:…

Hetalia NOT mine

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